Panda Panda

I have a long history with Pandas. My first really sentimental attachment was with a toy panda (my young mind decided it was female and called it 'Pandi') and then there were reintroduced back into my life when someone bought a tiny toy panda wearing a Jean Genet t-shirt to one of our gigs. We put it in on our shared mantel piece, and sudden people thought we collected them. They started multiplying, we'd buy the odd one from a charity shop and we started to run out of room for them. It's a strange thing about collecting something - accidental or not - once people know you have 'a thing', it's a go to for gifts and presents. I have an unimaginable amount of panda paraphernalia; toys, tees, a onesie, draft excluder, usb sticks... I do still love them. So to find this cafe a couple of steps from the rehearsal studio Jean Genet booked felt like a sign. It's knowingly cute, but it a very clean but not sterile way. It's literally clean, and the simple black, white and orange design is clean too. The coffee is alright, but the food is fantastic. Any place that uses lots of fresh coriander is on to a winner.

A baguette is around £3.50 and black coffee is £1.50.

Panda Panda, 8 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PA