Jean Genet Journal #1

Those of you who've known me a while will now that I used to be in a band. We were a footnote in the history of queer cababret/riotgrrrl/poppunkperformanceart, and as I've retold a million times, we were formed by accident. In 2004, Leeds, as part of the feminist gig collective Manifesta, we were putting on Scream Club. A week before the show we still had no support band, so we thought 'fuck it, we'll BE the support band' and wrote a bunch of easy to remember, sweary, silly, entertaining songs using the keyboard demo button. The rest is history, but needless to say the focus was always on coming up with distraction techniques from our straight forward songwriting skills. Quite a bit of history now, as it's been 4 years since Jean Genet did a gig... but inspired by Girls Aloud triumphant comeback, we are plotting and scheming a (Valerie Cherish style) comeback. We want to tour the world, or at the very least rekindle some of the amazing moments we had in Leeds, London, Berlin, Brighton, the Candy Club in Munich, Poland and any where that will take us really. And with over a year to go before our first anniversary, we're stepping into a rehearsal studio. I've never rehearsed in a rehearsal studio before. When me and Len lived together, we used to creep down into our basement, bottle of Lambrini in hand, and bounce around the tiny damp walls, screaming away to our hearts content using poundshop karaoke mics that weren't plugged in. We would spend hours putting on shows to eachother. Now we got to do it in a sound proof room, with real microphones and a little PA sysytem. It was amazing fun, can't wait to get in the habit again. It was really funny how bits of songs came back to us. I cried laughing at the absurdity of our song 'Ave It' and forgot how much I liked some of other lyrics... All for another update.