Cake Show

Neighbour to the curiously 'porn free' newsagent in Stoke Newington and just on the butt end of the yummy mummy catwalk that is Church Street, Cake Show has plenty of opportunity and competition. Just opposite, the new Babble Jam is packed full of beautiful people, their faces lit up by Apple products. I've never seen anyone go into Cake Show, so out of sympathy, my own anti-social leanings and love of bright garish colours, I settled down for the show. The lighting is as artifical as the icing on their cupcakes, and thanks to seven refridgeration units, the whole places hums threateningly with the sound of electricity and extractor fans. Despite the solitude, this is not a good place to study. Of course, this is more of a party catering place with a slapdash cafe thrown in as an after thought, but it's a shame, as it's desperately uncool, kitschiness could be the perfect antithesis to all the faux-vintage posing going on in the area. Except the coffee was awful.

A black coffee costs £1.70. A singular macaroon is 60p (yes I have turned into Nora Helmer).

Cake Show, 169 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0NY